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Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

IACAT is the national registration body for creative arts therapists in Ireland. As a professional reference body, it promotes, regulates and upholds the work of creative arts therapists, including Art Therapy, Dance-Movement Therapy, Dramatherapy and Music Therapy.



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Sometimes words are not enough to express what we are feeling. Sometimes there are too many words. Art Therapy is a way of gaining a clearer understanding of ourselves by exploring our thoughts and feelings. In art therapy we express ourselves by making images or sculptures. 

People make images or pieces from art materials, other materials and things that they gather. Art therapists are trained to be sensitive to the subtleties of making and looking at the piece. Together with the client, they explore and reflect on the process.

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MUSIC THERAPY is a predominantly non-verbal intervention using music and sound as a basis for interaction. It offers a secure space for self expression and development and allows a therapeutic relationship to develop. Interactive music is created by clients and therapist using a variety of instruments.

The therapist may use an instrument or his/her voice to acknowledge and support the client's music. Music Therapy may be offered to people of all ages who have physical, learning, social or emotional difficulties, on an individual or group basis.





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Drame ImageDramatherapy is the intentional and systematic use of drama and theatre processes to achieve healthy psychological growth and change. The general aims of a Dramatherapy session include exploring ideas, issues and problems using drama-derived activities; expressing and exploring feelings, developing spontaneity and imagination and creativity, improving self image and self confidence, developing social and relationship skills.

Dramatherapy involves several different forms of expression such as movement, voice work, body language and speech.


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ImageDANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY uses movement and dance creatively to help a person to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. This frees us to experience and express the full range of human emotion in a safe environment where feelings can be expressed, acknowledged and communicated.

Dance Movement Therapy is founded on the principle that movement reflects an individual's pattern of thinking and feeling.

Dance Movement Therapy is always guided by a trained Therapist.

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