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Integrative art therapy and depression: a transformative approach, by Vibeke Skov, London and Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015, 360 pp., £26.99 (paperback), ISBN 9781849055772


The author, Vibeke Skov, is a Danish art therapist and artist. She has a PhD in Psychology from Aalborg University and in 1987 she started the Institute of Art Therapy in Denmark, where she trains students in art therapy. This book is a comprehensive study of her

work in ....

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Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems, edited by Cathy A. Malchiodi and David A. Crenshaw, New York, Guildford Press, 2015, 303 pp., £23.80 (paperback), ISBN 9781462523702


I was privileged to have to opportunity to read and review the book Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems. The book is comprised of three sections. Each one consists of a collection of essays from different practitioners, mostly from North Americ, addressing the theme of using creative arts or play therapy for clients with attachment difficulties. They are......

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Mindfulness and the arts therapies: theory and practiceedited by Laury Rappaport, London and Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley, 2013, 352 pp., £18.62 (paperback), ISBN 978-1849059091

Mindfulness and the arts therapies is a timely and high quality addition to the current arts therapies literature. Laury Rappaport’s edited book offers a clear, well-structured resource for arts therapists interested in using mindfulness in their practice, from student therapists to experienced therapists. Presented in six parts, this.......

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Presence and process in expressive arts works: at the edge of wonder, Herbert Eberhart and Sally Atkins, foreword by Paolo J. Knill, London and Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley, 2014, 184 pp., £17.99 (paperback), ISBN 9781849059572

Presence and Process in Expressive Arts Work is the outcome of a long collaborative association between the authors. First published in 2014, the format of the book impressed the reader as dynamically important

subject matter. It is best described as a unique distillation....

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Basic anatomy and physiology for the music therapist, by Daniel J. Schneck, London and Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley, 2015, 352 pp., £24.99 (paperback), ISBN 9781849057561

Daniel Schneck has written a comprehensive and informative book about fundamental anatomy and physiology for the music therapy profession. Although his experience and perspective is of an international consultant on basic physiological function...
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Music therapy and parent-infant bonding, edited by Jane

Edwards, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011, 212 pp., £31.99 (paperback), ISBN 9780199580514

This book is a welcome addition to the literature and is of
relevance to those with an interest in music therapy, early
development, and attachment theory. It is also a strategic book, something I believe is important in our profession, as it reminds us not only to document our observations ...
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Musical encounters with dying: Stories and lessons, by Islene Runningdeer, foreword by Diana Peirce, London and
Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013, 158 pp., £17.99  (paperback), ISBN 9781849059367

Islene Runningdeer is a music therapist working as part of the Advanced Illness Care Team at Gifford Medical Centre in Randolph, Vermont. This is a book for music therapy students, practitioners and indeed health care staff working within palliative care ...
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Soul and spirit in dance movement psychotherapy: A
transpersonal approach, by Jill Hayes, London and
Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013, 240 pp., £22.99
(paperback), ISBN 9781849053082


I must begin this review with a reservation: I do use movement and dance as therapeutic tools in my Dramatherapy practice, but as I am not a Dance Movement Psychotherapist many terms in this book were previously unknown to me...

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Dramatherapy and destructiveness: Creating the evidence
base, playing with Thanatos, edited by Ditty Dokter, Pete
Holloway and Henri Seebohm, London and New York,
Routledge, 2011, 232 pp., £27.99 (paperback), ISBN 978-


Dramatherapy and Destructiveness brings together ten dramatherapists working in Britain to explore the idea of “destructiveness” as it is applied to working with people who “offend” - either against others or against themselves...

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