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IACAT 30th Celebrations!


 The 30th Anniversary AGM was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate IACAT and all that it represents!


The seed was sown for the IACAT in 1986


The IACAT developed from a core group of creative arts therapists who had trained abroad and were in the process of establishing their professions in Ireland in the 1980s. In fact, 'The Irish Association of Drama, Art and Music Therapists' was officially launched in 1992. The first A.G.M. was held in 1993, when a constitution was ratified and a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics laid out.


In 1998 when dance movement therapists were included, the Association changed its name to the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists, also known as, The IACAT. 


Pictured below is one of our founding members Art Psychotherapist Liam Plant with our then newest member Vicky Linnane cutting into a celebratory cake!


Founding member IACAT Liam Plant with Vicky Linnane



IACAT Membership

Become an IACAT-accredited Art, Dance Movement, Drama or Music Therapist by joining the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

Professional, Associate, Student and Organisational Memberships are available.

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