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Organisational Membership

Annual Fee - €100

Benefits of Organisational Membership include:

    1. Support: organisational members support the ideals of the IACAT and the use and development of Creative Arts Therapies in Ireland.
    2. Keeping informed: organisational members keep informed of the latest developments in the Creative Arts Therapy community.
    3. Publicity: IACAT promotes the Creative Arts Therapies and informs the public on their benefits. This is conducted via a public relations and communications strategy, which concentrates on attendance at public events, press releases and interaction with the media.
    4. IACAT Journal: An online academic peer reviewed journal including articles and book reviews is available to members. Past issues of the journal are available on the IACAT website. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.
    5. IACAT Bulletin: Members receive regular e-mail bulletins containing information on Creative Arts Therapies events, conferences and CPD as well as employment / placement opportunities.

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