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Professional Membership

Annual Fee - €110


Benefits of Professional Membership include:


    1. Formal recognition of your qualifications and experience through our accreditation process. Accredited Members are entitled to use ‘IACAT’ after their name (IACAT-accredited).
    2. Membership Certificate for use in applying for insurance and to display at workplaces.
    3. Client referral: IACAT passes on all referrals or work opportunities to IACAT-accredited therapists. It encourages employers/individuals seeking a therapist to seek an IACAT-accredited therapist.
    4. ‘Check the Register’: Members details will be stored on the online register of accredited Creative Arts Therapists in Ireland. This is a useful tool for the public or employers to check if a therapist is accredited with IACAT.
    5. ‘Find a Therapist’ listing: Members can choose to list their services on the ‘find a therapist’ listing, giving details of their specialisations, contact details and whether they are available for private practice or freelance work. Members will also be able to indicate if they provide supervisory services.
    6. Personal Webpage: To promote their business further, members can also avail of a premium personal webpage for a small annual fee. Members can edit this three-page personal profile, accessible by the public directly without going through the IACAT website.
    7. Representation: IACAT champions the contribution of Creative Arts Therapists and the profession. We represent and promote the Creative Arts Therapies and therapists to government, political parties, Department of Health and Children, health committees, Allied Health Professions and other National Bodies on key issues and priorities. The central aim of which is statutory recognition.
    8. Continuing Professional Development: IACAT provides guidelines for CPD to members, based on best practice and in anticipation of requirements once statutory recognition is attained.
    9. Publicity: IACAT promotes the Creative Arts Therapies and informs the public on their benefits. This is conducted via a public relations and communications strategy, which concentrates on attendance at public events, press releases and interaction with the media.
    10. IACAT Journal: An online academic peer-reviewed journal including articles and book reviews is available to members. Past issues of the journal are available on the IACAT website.
    11. Attendance at AGM: This important event is a great way to meet other Creative Arts Therapists and become informed of the work of the IACAT council and working groups. The day usually includes a high-profile guest speaker, presentations from Creative Arts Therapists, updates from regional groups and a CPD workshop.
    12. Involvement: Members can influence IACAT policy and development by participation on IACAT’s working groups. Professional members also have the opportunity to vote in (or stand for election to) the Executive Council.
    13. Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics is supplied to members that they may practice to best international standards.
    14. Professional Support on Standards of Practice and Education: IACAT responds to all types of member enquiries. Members can access a range of information from the office and online regarding practical, ethical and professional matters. Members can also access IACAT publications ranging from the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics to public information leaflets.
    15. IACAT Bulletin: Members receive regular e-mail bulletins containing information on Creative Arts Therapies events, conferences and CPD as well as employment / placement opportunities.
    16. Members may contact the office for their nearest regional IACAT group.
    17. IACAT Logo: Accredited Members can use the IACAT logo on promotional material.

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