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Covid Restrictions Update - 5th December 2021

Please see link below for Citizens Information link for further information and full COVID restrictions currently in place


Current Restrictions for Creative Art Therapists

Cat’s work is considered an essential service therefore individual sessions with clients are permitted to take place face to face.

Follow social distance guidelines, washing hands, sanitizing, 2 mtr distance and/or wearing a mask or face covering.  

CAT’s who wish to work online may continue to do so under current guidelines. Please see further information  under

COVID-19 in dropdown "online therapy during covid -19"  IACAT advised therapisits working online to check with their insurers

if they ar e insured to work online.

For further information on list of essential services under government guidelines please see link below

Information below taken from https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/c9158-essential-services/

Therapy services provided by a member of a designated profession within

the meaning of section 3 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (No. 27 of 2005)For further information please see link below from gov.ie


Face Coverings

Please see below link to Citizens Information re: face coverings, when they need to be worn and who needs to wear them, inline with current guidelines.


New Guidelines for children aged 9 upwards, wearing face coverings. The information below is taken from the link above. Please read and familiarise yourself with new guidelines regarding face coverings.

Children in third class and above should wear a face covering in school and on school transport, unless they are exempt. Your child does not have to wear a face covering if they:

  • Have trouble breathing or have a relevant medical condition
  • Are unable to remove it without help
  • Have special needs and they may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing them (for example, students with an intellectual or developmental disability, mental health difficulties, or sensory concerns)

Currently as per government guidelines a CAT can ask clients from age 9 upward to wear a face coverings in session, particularly if a two meter distance cannot be maintained, and the therapist feels the need for face coverings. Please discuss the wearing of face coverings with client and parents/guardian if the child is a minor and note exemptions listed above. 

These measures are in place on a temporary basis until at least mid-February 2022.

The Department of Education has published guidance on the use of face coverings in primary school (pdf). Which CAT’s may find useful.  


If Therapist and Client are both vaccinated, and are comfortable not wearing a mask, this is permitted under current guidelines. Two meters distance and ventilation (opening a window) is advised. 

The booster vaccination programme is now under way. Please see the link below for important information on how to get your booster vaccine.  IACAT advises that members familiarise themselves with this document. 

Please Note: Registration for Booster vaccine is not required. 


Any CAT therapists who are unvaccinated please check with their insurance companies to verify whether they are covered to practice face to face in an indoor space

For the most up to date information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) its symptoms, conditions and treatment please visit the HSE website__________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Please note that fees for April 2020- March 2021 have been reduced for professional members from €110 to €80 to assist members with recovery of practice due to Covid19.

These fees and all other membership fees will be taken in two instalments: April and Oct 2020.