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Aisling Brennan

Aisling holds a Masters in Art Therapy from CIT and a Masters in Applied Spirituqality from WIT. She is also holds a B.ed as a primary school teacher and certificate in spiritual accompaniment. 

Aisling aims to empower people to connect, express and understand themselves, others and the world they live in. 

Aisilng's experince includes helping people overcome anxiety, school difficultes, grief, depression, relationship issues and trauma, while developing self esteem, confidence and centredness.

Aisling sits on the council for the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapies. 


Face to face and online service available.

1:1 Art Therapy Session

Art Therapy provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to process thoughts and feelings using art as a therapeutic tool.

Before a session begins a referral form is completed to identify the persons needs. During the session the person can express and process themselves and their lives through their artwork and interaction with the Art Therapist.

Sessions are weekly for as long as the person requires.

No prior art experience required.

Group Art Therapy

Group Art Therapy provides a safe, confidential , non-judgemental place for a person to process their thought and feelings using art as a therapy tool in a group setting.

Group therapy usually runs in cycles of six weeks with a theme or commonality between group members.

Each group member has an opportunity to make art about their experiences and there is an opportunity to share with others if they would like.

Creative Well Being Workshops

These workshops begin with an information presentation on the chosen topic. This is followed by an experiential art activity. This gives participants an opportunity to creatively integrate and reflect the topic within their own lives.

Workshop Themes
- Personal Development
- Emotional Well Being
- Wellness
- Mindfulness
- Contemplation and Reflection
- Bespoke Workshop

Creative Motivational Talks

These workshops integrate practical knowledge and skills of the workshop topic, with creative self reflection and application activities.

- Goal Setting
- Action Steps
- Succeeding
- Time Management
- Limiting Beliefs
- Fear

Creative Spiritual Accompaniment

Aisling holds a Certificate in Spiritual Accompaniment from Mount Saint Annes, Killenard, Co. Laois and an Honours MA in Applied Spirituality through WIT.

Spiritual Accompaniment is a one to one session, one hour in length.

During the session there is opportunity to talk about or create art about, spirituality and the unfolding mystery of life's purpose.

Information Presentations

Presentations to groups e.g. students, parents and professionals on emotional well being and mental health.
- Neuroscience of well being
- Managing stress
- Minding your emotional and mental health
- Resiliency
- Overcoming overwhelm

Art Therapy Testimonial

My Mam died suddenly in 2018. About a year and a half later we started to noticed a change in our then 7 year old Daughter. We were unsure if it was related to the sudden death of my Mam or not? She began to be a lot more anxious and over worry about things that she never would have before. I began to look up support on-line and saw Aisling. I made contact with her and Sadhbh started art therapy soon afterwards.
I cannot recommend Aisling enough, Sadhbh really looked forward to her weekly appointments with her and if I'm really honest right now if she could she'd still be attending her.
Aisling had an amazing way with her and Sadhbh could talk about whatever she wanted in a safe & fun environment. Art therapy gave her a free way to express herself.
Aisling gave her the tools and skills she needed to cope when she was finding things difficult. Even now today she uses them. It's made such a difference to her life and we haven't looked back since.
I cannot thank Aisling enough. -Valerie & Richard Kelly

Aisling helped me, she helped me a lot. She's lots of fun and really nice. When I'm nervous she taught me how to do deep breathing. If children have to go see Aisling don't worry about it, it's fun. - Sadhbh Kelly age 8

Art Therapy Testimonial

"I used to be very worried and scared going in to school. I couldn't get out of the car and I wouldn't walk past the gate. Now I'm feeling much better because Aisling and the Art Therapy really helped me and now I can go in to school not feeling worried." - Anonymous, aged 8

"Our little girl had a problem at school that was affecting her greatly. It was at the point where she was basically having panic and anxiety about going into the school each morning. The trigger for her change in behaviour happened before the summer holidays and continued into the new term. We tried everything we could to help her but nothing would work for her. We brought her to Aisling Brennan for Art Therapy. Our girl really enjoyed her time and after spending only 4 sessions with Aisling she has improved an incredible amount. Aisling tailored her services to our girl's needs and delivered an excellent package in equally impressive facilities that were appealing to children. Our girl is back to loving going to school and is really back to her old self. While it was so distressing to see her so upset going in to school, we are absolutely thrilled with the results from her time with Aisling who made the process so easy for us throughout. We can't thank her enough."
- Jackie and Mark

Workshop Testimonials

"Loved the lead into the workshop, the discussion with boys and then the reflection and follow up was super" - Margaret (School teacher involved in creative well being workshop).

"This workshop has opened up another dimension to my work - an awareness of self and the importance of tuning into myself in order to be fully present for the people I meet in the course of my work. It was a gentle, yet very effective experience and I would highly recommend it." - Employee Silver Arch Family Resource Centre.



Mount Henry Art Studio,
Co. Laois


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