iacat offers a number of membership types

Professional Membership

Available to creative arts therapists who have graduated from an approved single modality masters degree in Art, Dance Movement, Drama or Music Therapy. Professional members agree to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. Benefits
Professional membership is €110 per annum.

Student Membership

Available to students of iacat approved single modality training courses in Art, Dance Movement, Drama or Music Therapy. Benefits
Student membership is €50 per annum.

Non-Practicing Membership 

Available to any creative arts therapist who has been registered previously as a professional member with iacat. It is suitable for those who are taking a break from practice or who are retired. Please contact the office before availing of this membership type. Benefits
Non-practicing membership is €50 per annum.

Associate Membership

If you have an interest in or would like to support the creative arts therapies in Ireland you can become an associate member. Benefits
Associate membership is €60 per annum.

Organisational Membership

Open to organisations or companies who support the ideals and development of the creative arts therapies in Ireland. Benefits
Organisational Membership is €100 per annum


Existing members who wish to transition from one membership type to another please contact the office before renewing online.

'Art can permeate the deepest part of us, where no words exist.'

Eileen Miller

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Please note that fees for April 2020- March 2021 have been reduced for professional members from €110 to €80 to assist members with recovery of practice due to Covid19.

These fees and all other membership fees will be taken in two instalments: April and Oct 2020.