Financial Assistance and Membership Fees

Below are some guidelines in relation to the current situation for members, but we all need to be conscious that government/ HSE guidance is being updated and changed on an ongoing basis, so the monitoring of these changes on a daily basis is an important thing to do.

Financial pressures for Members

Many members will be without paid work for a time and finances will be tight. Information on your entitlements for claims can be found on the Citizens Information website:

IACAT Membership Fee due April 2020

Aware of the financial implications, at this moment in time for members (and also the need to have insurance where membership of a professional body is required) we have decided to implement the following for the membership renewal that will take place on April 1st. This reduced fee and split payment will also be offered to new applicants for 2020. 

The Professional membership fee for 2020/21 will be reduced to €80 (currently €110) and will be deducted in two installments:

1st April       – €40 (to ensure continuity of insurance)
1st October  – €40 (to allow recovery of practice)

All other fees remain the same and will be deducted also in two installments: on April 1st and the 1st of Oct.

This will have some implications in terms of spending priorities for IACAT for the coming year, but these will be reviewed and reorganised to work within the budget we will now have.

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